“We cannot conceive of a free Ireland with a subject working class; we cannot conceive of a free working class in a subject Ireland”

Celebrating the War for Independence

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27/28/29 November 2020

Peadar O Donnell Socialist Republican Forum

Schedule of events for digital festival celebrating the War for Independence

Labour will wait no longer

Friday 27th November

18:00 Webinar: The war for independence. A just war … 

by  Fearghal MacBhloscaidh  … A former IRCSSH fellow at NUIG and now History Lecturer at Coláiste Ollscoil Naomh Muire, Béal Feiriste

Discussion … Chair Gearoid O’Machail … Cathaoirleach, Craobh Betty Sinclair, CPI

§ … Participants:

Eddie Glackin… Former SIPTU Official, member of CPI National Executive Committee & National Education Convenor for CPI

Clare Daly … is a MEP since July 2019 as part of the European United Left–Nordic Green Left. She served as a Teachta Dála from 2011 to 2019. 

Barry Monteith … Independent Republican Councillor with Mid Ulster District Council & member of  Dungannon Thomas Clarkes GFC.

  Saturday 28th November 2020 

11:00 … Social and economic context of the period … the Labour Movement re-energised

Chair: Colm O’Laighneach … left-wing political activist

§ … Participants: 

Eoin Ó Murchú … is a retired journalist and broadcaster who served as political editor with Raidió na Gaeltachta for 17 years between 1994 and 2011.

Pauline Conroy … Pauline Conroy is a social scientist and policy analyst who has worked and studied on equality issues in London, Paris, Florence, Boston, Brussels, Geneva and Dublin. Pauline is a graduate of UCD and the London School of Economics.

Liz Gillis … is the author of ‘Women of the Irish Revolution’, ‘Revolution in Dublin’ and ‘The Fall of Dublin’. She has a degree in Irish History and works as a Curatorial Assistant in RTÉ

Conor McCabe …. Conor McCabe is a researcher and educator. He has written extensively on Irish finance and is involved in activist education, working with political, trade union, and community groups

14:00…       International context of the Black & Tan war and its global impact on the British empire

Chair: Brian Forbes is National Officer with the Mandate trade union

§ … Participants:

Vijay Prashad (India).. Vijay Prashad is a historian, journalist, commentator and a Marxist intellectual. He is an executive-director of Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research and the Chief Editor of LeftWord Books

Joe Jameson (USA) is a former trade union research officer, now active in the US antiwar movement. Since the 1970s he has participated in Irish-American solidarity groups dealing with the conflict in the North of Ireland.

Mark Hayes (UK)  …. began work as an industrial labourer at British Shipbuilders in Woolston, Southampton. Made redundant in 1978 he began a degree in Politics at Portsmouth Polytechnic and gained a doctorate in 1991 from Southampton University. He started teaching at Southampton Institute in 1992.

Patricia Campbell (Ireland) … A socialist republican and long-time political activist. Patricia is president of the Independent workers Union and a member of the steering committee of the Peadar O Donnell Socialist Republican Forum

16:00 … Four provincial commemorations





18:00 … Documentary … November 1920 and the Kilmichael Ambush.

20:00 … Concert from Culturlann Ard Mhaca 

Suggested outline for the Saturday evening concert and think it should be in three parts:

(i)                 Commemorative session 

(ii)                Left wing folk and traditional session

Sunday 29th November 2020 

16:00 … Achievements and failures of the struggle for independence 

Chair: Kat Healy … originally from the USA, Kat has lived in Ireland since 1997.  She is Director of the Social Justice Trust and has worked in community development since the 1990’s.

§ … Participants

Gary Donnelly … is an Independent Councillor on Derry City and Strabane District Council.  He has been a community activist for many years, including with the Creggan Community Collective in Derry.

Julia Kee … is a member of the Ulster Unionist Party and was the High Sheriff of Londonderry last year.  She has been very active in community development, good relations and youth work for many years.

Ray Bassett … is a retired diplomat, having served as Ambassador from Ireland to Canada, Jamaica and the Bahamas.  He is Senior Fellow for EU Affairs at the centre-right think tank Policy Exchange.

Bonnie Weir PhD … is Professor of Political Science at Yale University, specialising in modern politics in the North of Ireland.  She is currently working on an interactive lecture series Peacebuilding in the Wake of Brexit co-sponsored by the Yale Program on Peace and Development and the National Committee on American Foreign Policy.

19:00 … The way forward via Democratic Programme for 21st century … ‘Labour will wait no longer’

Chair: Eugene McCartan … General Secretary Communist Party of Ireland

§ … Participants 

Ciara Ní Mhaoilfhinn … is a trade union and political activist with particular focus on Palestine and Colombia, and a member of the Communist Party of Ireland.

Caoimhe Ní Loinsigh … teaches in Co Monaghan, has a deep interest in Irish history and is currently a member of the steering committee of the Tyrone People’s Dáil.

Tommy McKearney … is co-chair of the Peadar O’Donnell Socialist Republican Forum and is a former member of the IRA


Forum welcomes Tyrone People’s Dáil/Assembly


Above: L-R Cllr Barry Monteith, Harry Hutchison, Caoimhe Ní Loingsigh, Jackie Keenan, Cllr Dan Kerr, Cllr John McCluskey

 The Peadar O’Donnell Socialist Republican Forum welcomed the launch of the Tyrone People’s Dáil/Assembly  which met on 9th November 2019 in Dungannon and elected a three person steering committee: Harry Hutchison, Caoimhe Ní Loingsigh & Jackie Keenan

For more detail go to Facebook page …Tyrone People’s Dáil/Assembly



Left for Unity event at Tyrone/Monaghan border

Moybridge 2

On Saturday 26th October the Peadar O’Donnell Socialist Republican Forum joined other socialist republican groups and individuals gathered on the Tyrone/Monaghan border at Moybridge to call for Irish unity under a Workers Republic. The event was addressed by Cllr Barry Monteith and joint chair of the Forum, Tommy McKearney.



The first Dáil Éireann and the Democratic Programme


In January 2019 the Peadar O’Donnell Socialist Republican Forum marked the centenary of the first Dáil Éireann and the publication of one of modern Ireland’s landmark documents, the Democratic Programme. The forum celebrated the occasion with a conference in Liberty Hall, Dublin.


For more details Click on ForumBlog


Forum carrying out training  


The Peadar O’Donnell Socialist Republican Forum has organised training sessions employing methodology of Paulo Freire, the Brazilian educator and philosopher


The Peadar O’Donnell Socialist Republican Forum – A forum for socialist republicans to discuss our ideology, to engage with, listen to and learn from our people and to forge the tools which are necessary to analyse our society, understand what oppresses us and construct a vision of the Ireland which we aim to build together.


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